Netflix Help – PS3 – Trouble Viewing Movie?

Netflix Help – PS3 – Trouble Viewing Movie?


Im having trouble playing a video.

A while back i tried to get the free trial but quit out. Now i try and i have to finish the sign up so i couldn’t sign into my account i got today. So i finished it and tried it but when i click to view a video something happens.

I have to sign in again on PSN (which also occurs about 3 times from the start) and when i press ok it says it had trouble communicating with PSN so then i can’t play the video. Now i don’t know what to do. Frustrates me. I need help!

Playstation Network is under maintenance so I dont know if thats the problem which i doubt because my cousin was able to use it perfectly yesterday

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  1. Alot of people are having trouble with Netflix. I think its still making some sign in but Im not having to sign into it and mines been working this whole time. Atleast I have something to do. You can call Netflix and ask them about it.

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