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Poll: Do you think that the PS3 will eventually pass the Xbox 360 in sales?


On 8-18-09, Sony officially announced that the PS3 is getting a thinner version with a bonus price cut for both versions of the system. At E309, Sony announced a very good line up of games as well as a motion controller that impressed most of the people who watched the presentations. Xbox 360 unfortunately makes u pay for internet while the PS3 has a free browser. Game informer also recently showed that 54.2% of the people who have bought an Xbox 360 have experienced the Red Rings of Death, a sad hardware failure that can only be fixed by either bringing it in to be repaired, or using a towel trick that works sometimes. The PS3 is also capable of playing Blue-Ray movies and games in high definition.

With all this in mind, do you think that the PS3 will eventually pass the Xbox 360 in sales in the next couple years?

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  1. Im guessing no because xbox was created in winter which people are buying gifts for their children or friends etc. Xbox got a thriving lead in sales just because of that. In my opinion it doesn’t matter how thin the ps3 is the xbox is still a better system. So my main answer is no because in the next couple of years there might be other consoles that will have better game, graphics, everything. Eg: (apple is might start making consoles.

  2. No xbox 360 is way more populer than the ps 3 and doubles it’s sales. The PS2 sells better than the PS3

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