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PS Move Heroes Playthrough Part 1


PS Move Heroes Playthrough Part 1

Playstation Move Heroes GamePlay


  1. Sucks that you have to use a ps move. Jak looks so badass in this game why can't they make his new look like this instead of completing scraping him for a new game.

  2. Why can't Sony just make a good cross over game with a fantastic story.

    I mean they failed at all stars and this. A full cast of original characters, and they can't pull a good story off!?

  3. Ratchet and Clank is my fav too,add me on ps3 network online,user is biggblac and Ratchet_n_Clank1

  4. this is so fucking underratedwould love to see another game like this but without this ps move crap..but since its so underrated i highly doubt that will be true

  5. Yes, this is French (thank you Captain Obvious ).
    No, the whole world does not have to speak in English all the time, not that we don't know how to speak it..
    Yes, all languages are allowed on the internet and this is a matter of basic freedom.
    No, demanding the user to put the video in English as if it was something he owed you (especially while there are already English subtitles) surely does not make him want to do so.
    Yes, videogames are dubbed either you like it or not.
    No, the internet does not belong to English speakers, but to every human.

    The world is not limited to your country, to your culture or your language. Please grow up because your attitude is pathetic. 😉
    Nobody forced you to stay watching this video. You are supposedly grown enough to find the English version elsewhere.

    Donc les kikoo lol, on se met à apprendre le Français, on regarde et on la ferme, ou on s'en va comme de grands chercher la version Anglaise. Bref, dans tous les cas: on ne fait pas chier le monde avec sa petite vision impérialiste d'enfant gâté. Tendresse et chocolats.

  6. ratchet meet sly meet jak meet ratchet meet jak meet sly daxter meet clank meet bentley meet clank meet daxter

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