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PS3 making very loud noise?


I was playing my ps3 for about half an hour, then turned it of, and came back to it about half an hour later and it started to make a very loud noise, then it bleeped 2 or 3 times and turned off, after it had turned off the red power light was flashing, and it woulndt turn on, so i turned it off from the wall and back on at it was fine, does anyone know why i made such a loud noise? I wasn’t over worked and had half an hour to cool off. Its the slim version.

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  1. it couldve been the time youve played, overheating, or your ps3 is just f’d up! lol. just keep it well ventilated and try to take breaks once in a while. if it does it again contact sony about it. you could brick your ps3 if not careful

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