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Ps3 over Xbox360? (Any Kind)?


I have Hey Xbox360 slim and I was thinking about trading it for a ps3 of any kind.Should I do it?Which kind of ps3?

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  1. Everyone here would say PS3 cause it is a PlayStation area (I say PS3 too) but if you want PS3, wait till the PS4, see the feats, then if u like get. i personnalky have nothing against Xbox, I just like PlayStation (and Sony) better. My opinion.

  2. i agree with the others wait till ps4 but if you wont wait get the ps3 you wont regret it. there are heaps of great exclusives to get and you’ll be playing those for ages not to mention the money you save not buying live.I have both xbox first then ps3 and my xbox is basically collecting dust apart from the occasional halo 4 sesion. But really just wait till the ps4 other wise you’ll want that when it comes out in about a year.

  3. The ps3 will save u money when playing online of course I personally would trade I have a ps3 but just be aware that the Xbox has more games

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