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Should I get a PS3 slim?


Okay, I got enough to buy a ps3 because i got 600. I’m thinking of buying a PS3 but then, I dont want to burn all my money cuz my uncle may be disappointed if he found out i spent half of it on that.

I have an Xbox 360 and I love it better than PS3 still but I want to get ps3 because all my friends are having it. I see some positives and negatives on getting one.


Blu-ray, hardly any scraches

Free online

Good library of games

Internet Browser


PS1 and PSP Ad-hoc thingy

I can play with friends


SMALL * controller. I play mostly FPS games and I can’t play it on the ps3 controller compared to the 360 I feel like my thumb is going to slip and the grip is too small for my big hands. I’d rather play using the 360 controller.

PSN has some problems. I hear that MW2 had a bit of trouble with online on PS3. I doin’t want to play online with a bad service that’s giving me problems.

No private chat. Yeah, that explains all. I love private chat on 360 and I’d love it if ps3 had it.

I hear something about having only 1 PSN account online at the same type? No spit-screen online multiplayer?

I also hear that you cant recover your PSN on another PS3.


Do I have to take really special care of the slim? Like, will it break on me if its dusty?

Will it overheat?

can I use the 360 controller on the ps3?

Unrelated Question: Can i switch the settings in MW2 so that i can switch the bumpers to grenades and the triggers to shoot in PS3?

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  1. ps3 slims overheat alot, go for the origanl and get reversed so all games work still and ask about a u.m.t.i cable, (better looks graphics.lol)

    my opinion, ive workd and been around game consoles alot

  2. Seriously? Did you make the money yourself? Because if you did, you would not even think about using that money on games. Therefore I believe you got the money off of someone. I wouldn’t waste 600 dollars on any games. You play a game for about a week or two and then leave it there. It would last less than a month. And then buying each game is 50 dollars. That is a ripoff and not worth any money. There are people out there jobless, or probably working less than 8 dollars an hour. If they had 600 dollars, they would spend it on education or food.

  3. listen:

    You already have an XBOX 360, which is a fantastic console.

    You do not need a PS3if you like the xbox better!!

    If you really really want most of those things, you can probably get a cheap-ish laptop that will do that stuff.

    No you cannot use XBOX controller on PS3 without a hack (though i think with software you can theoretically use Wiimotes)

    Maybe Microsoft will change their mind and make a Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360

    Just save your money okay!

  4. you should stop playing video games and do something with your life :] im against playing video games because it destroys the mind, im 14 btw

  5. Unless you live in Austrailia, the PlayStation 3 is not $600, it’s only $300. And yes, it’s very VERY well worth it.

    To get this out of the way first, there is private chat on the PlayStation Network. There was actually 6 Person Voice/Video Chat Rooms before the Xbox 360 got theirs. There is also Text Chat rooms that allow you to talk to up to 32 friends at once.

    Another misconception is where you were wondering about no split-screen multiplayer on PS3. The truth is that there is split-screen multiplayer on the PlayStation 3. And besides, it doesn’t depend on the console, it depends on the games. If a developer wants that feature there, it will happen.

    The PS3 Slim is actually less likely to break than the “Fat” models. And that “overheating” gaff that you hear about up in those other answers is false. It gets hotter than the PS3 Fat, but it does not overheat. The only console that overheats this generation is the Xbox 360. It has an astonishing +50% failure rate, making the console more than half likely to break. You’re lucky yours still works (mine broke a long time ago).

    In other words, it won’t break and you don’t have to take any special care of your PS3 whatsoever.

    There are ways to use Xbox 360 controllers on the PlayStation 3 and vice versa, but I haven’t read up on how to do so.

    $300 will get you one hell of a deal, and considering it will still be there long after your other consoles break and stop getting supported for, your PS3 will still be there. Games will be made for them a decade from now. The online community would still be huge, and you won’t have to shell out more cash for yet another console in just a couple of years. It’s happened with the PS1. It’s happened with the PS2. Sony has never lost track of that plan. Your PS3 will stay with you for as long as you want it (I mean, look at the PS2. it’s not dead after a decade).

  6. There’s no problems on MW2 on PS3. I have played both systems online and they are identical.

    Private chat is coming in the future. We are unsure if it will be free or not. The PSN we have now will always be free. Sony wants to have a Premium PSN in the future so it can connect to all Sony products like laptops, TV’s, camera’s etc. Also they want to add more content like free PS1 games, free music video service only with Premium though.

    There’s no split screen online. You can recover your PSN on another PS3.

    PS3’s don’t scratch discs, have a low % of failures [Slim is unknown of having one]. Unsure about the 360 controller on PS3.

    Yes you can change the control settings. I did it. I bought triggers on my dualshock 3.

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