Home Xbox Forum so ive heard the xbox 360 has.?

so ive heard the xbox 360 has.?


a better online experiecne to the PS3

in what way is it better?

no fanboy answers

no answering with just “halo 3”

i just want straight up facts

and im talking about the “online experience” only

you have a ps3 so you should know this

you can also talk with headsets wiht your ps3


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  1. I have both a PS3 and 360, the reason I preffer the 360 online experience is because it has a lot more features compared to the 360. Everyone has headsets so you can talk to each other, you have your friends list, and there are generally a lot more people online compared to the PS3 since so many more 360’s have been sold.

  2. There are far more people on LIVE. Like they say “Someone is always on LIVE.” Other than that, they both share the same features except that the PS3 online is free while you pay for Live,so you know that people playing xbox are serious gamers if they are willing to pay for subscriptions.

  3. Microsoft has had more time to develop its Xbox Live service, so they have had more time to deliver a superior product. The interface is more user-friendly and easy to navigate. Beyond that, there is more of an installed user base, so you’re more likely to find other players. The Playstation Network has a more cluttered feel to it.

    Of course, while Live charges, PSN is FREE. I didn’t renew my Live subscription, because I don’t have the time to play games as I used to. Once Sony releass Home, I think that Live may need to play catch up.

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