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The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Game – Video Review


The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Game - Video Review


  1. Pros:
    1. Good graphics overall (except the cut scenes);
    2. Play as the dog is pretty fun;
    3. The soundtrack is awesome;
    4. Play as Tin Tin!
    5. It has a really good story!
    6. Some battles required a little of strategy on them…this made some battles really fun;
    7. There are some secrets scattered throughout the levels (they are cool to search);


    1. You fight the same boss 4 different times;
    2. No final boss;
    3. Most of the puzzles are just easy (after all its a kids game) its toooooo easy! Its like the developers didnt want to take the time to think about good and interesting puzzles;
    4. The game is extremely easy, but that doesnt mean necessarily that wasn't fun;
    5. No upgrade system of any kind;
    6. I hated the sections on the game when you play as a pirate. they are soooo annoying!
    7. This is the kind of the game that it would had been interesting to explore some areas (the game is 99% linear)
    8. I wish the combat system had been more interesting than just punching and punching…
    9. It took me about 5 hours to complete it;

    Overall this game was worth $10 bucks, but more than that I dont know if I would recommend it. I enjoyed more parts of the game than others, but I still had fun pretty much most of the time with it. Id give this game a solid 7.0! Peace out fellow gamers!

  2. I don't know… I don't think the game is THAT repetitive.  Yes, fighting enemies is a bit easy, but there is still some strategy involved for evading, fighting back, and even some opportunities for creativity in knocking enemies out (in perfect comic fashion, too).  I think it's actually pretty interesting, fun, and replayable, and BETTER for Tintin fans (since the Tintin and Haddock portion allows playability of all the major characters, like the Lego games), but I'm rather disappointed that "Alan" is the enemy in the game, and Saccharin is missing.  🙁  Oh wells.  I give it a 7.5 out of 10.  🙂  Worth at least a rental!!!

  3. How the fuck? This was in related videos. Lol, earliest I've been to a video that I didn't get to from my sub box.

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