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Top 25 Best Xbox 360 Games of All Time [Final]


Top 25 Best Xbox 360 Games of All Time [Final]

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  1. Trash! trash all of it! If these are the best games the xbox 360 has to offer, then this console is crap! 90% of the games on this list are FPS and I hate those!! what's so enticing about controlling a shitty floating gun! only 7yolds play that shit! Where are the great rpgs, adventure games, strategy games, sports games!? Red Dead redemption, Bayonetta and GTA V were great games but they're not exclusive! I can play them on the superior PS3! I own an xbox 360 and the only games I play are Fight Night Champion and Lost Odyssey, fuck Halo and Call of Dookie. these FPS games are a sorry lot

  2. (I'm saying this from a biased opinion) How did Mass Effect 2 beat Skyrim? I played both (Didn't beat Skyrim of course), but I don't believe that Mass Effect 2 was better. I mean, ME2 was the pinnacle of the franchise, but… that shouldn't make it better than Skyrim.

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