Top 25 Xbox One Games You Need To Play

Top 25 Xbox One Games You Need To Play


Top 25 Xbox One Games You Need To Play

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  1. this list should of been called. 25 games that are on most platforms but i need a pay check, so i'll add xbox one in the title so it is totally a different list. Don't forget to put in 1 maybe 2 xbox exclusive games, so no one can complain.When I could have just wrote 25 games you should play. damn YouTube is saying it's to long.

  2. You lost me at Mater Chief Collection. I uninstalled it 6 months after I installed it. In those six months I successfully played exactly one multiplayer online game. They released it full of bugs … the fact that you included it in your "top" games list means you have not played any of the games you recommend or are paid by game creators.

  3. I'm 18 and I have an Xbox one. I'm not sure if I'm getting out of the whole gaming thing, or if there are literally no good games to play right now. Also the fact I have no money doesn't exactly help…

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