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Which Xbox 360 should I buy?


I was thinking about getting a used Xbox 360 Arcade at GameStop and then buying a used 20 or 60 gig hard drive along with it. That way I have enough money for an extra controller. Is this a good idea?

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  1. why not just check you area on craigslist? you can find some great deals on xbox 360’s. you can get a whole set up with games for the same price as one at gamestop!

  2. listen to the guy above me, go to craigslist, i got my ps3 for 320 (new, sealed, 1 year ago) on there.

  3. Used is a gamble that is not really worth the hassle if you lose the bet. I would suggest just buying a new system package and holding off on the extra controller till next month. I would get the 299 package with the 60gig HDD.

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