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Why is TV black and white when I use my xbox 360?


I have a Toshiba Tv there’s only 7 input slots and 4 of thoses are audio sets(red and white) and 3 are labeled PB and PR the last one is CVBS/Y how can I fix this or will I need some other kind of cord?

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  1. Not sure exactly, as info is missing to be able to make a definitive diagnosis (I know the signals are from an Xbox 360, but which cables are you using? Composite – Yellow video, Red/White Right/Left analog audio? – or Component – Video on 3 cables – Red/Green/Blue and same R/W audio?). Either way it’s a matter of some cable in the wrong port on your TV, or a wrong input is selected with your remote. Your TV seems to have Component and Composite in a dual-function configuration.

    Composite video is all parts of the video signal on one cable, color-coded Yellow.

    Component (there are different formats but Y/Pb/Pr is the dominant one) video is spread over 3 cables with the “Y” being the Luminance channel, what you and I would call Brightness/Contrast, and most of the color information on the Red (Pr) and Blue (Pb) channels. Here’s the cable I think you have (just a guess since you didn’t say):

    [url is not allowed].

    So the reason for the black & white is probably that you have a Yellow cable into the Green labelled “Y”, which does cause confusion when people think that means Yellow) port, which gives it color info that it doesn’t know what to do with, resulting in B/W. The fix for this is to select A/V Input with the remote on the TV instead of Component (Y/Pb/Pr).

    Or you’re using the R/G/B cables but the Green is the only one plugged in, also resulting in B/W. So you just need to plug in the Red and Blue connectors to the same-colored ports and select Component with the remote. (note that using the 5 cables includes 2 Red ones – don’t mix them up?)

    But if your TV has an HDMI Input, that would be the best option – you’d get the highest quality possible and fewer cables to mess with, as Xbox 360 has HDMI Out.

    Try reconnecting your cables using the above as a guide and see if your issue resolves. If it doesn’t, write back with Additional Details, OK? Good luck!

  2. Make sure that your audio plugs (red and white) are in the rite spot (not in the HDTV inputs) thats what happened to me and my screen color came out green and white. I dont really know what PB PR or CVBS/Y is lol but try switching the plugs in different spots until you figure out where they go. Sorry I wasn’t much help with this. Oh! Make sure the switch on the back of the plug (going into the xbox) is switched to HDTV if you have an HD TV if not make sure it is just set to TV.

    Happy Holidays!

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