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Will PS2 games work on a 160gb PS3?


i am currently looking to invest in a PS3 and need it to play PS2 games and i saw a 160gb at the store
what GB would you recommend

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  1. you can buy newer ps3s that have the software to play the ps2 games but they do cost some extra money.

  2. the only ps3s that play ps2 games are the older versions that they dont make anymore. if you want to play ps2 games you will have to buy a used ps3. as far as i know the ones that play the ps2 games have 4 usb plugs in the front, i know the 60gb model does for sure.

  3. geez just as i thought people where over this.

    kind word of advice, once you have typed the question in the title bar a suggestions box should appear of similar questions go there and see if one of those, answers your question first.

    on the whole though,

    no it cant, any old fat PS3 with 4 USB ports at the front CAN.

    its either that or you buy that 160GB PS3 and just buy a PS2 on the side. PS3s are for PS3 games PS2s are for PS2 games. i think thats what sony tried getting at, i dont think it worked though

  4. Only the older 20GB, 60GB, and Limited Edition 80GB MotorStorm and MGS4 Bundle PS3s play PS2 games, all have 4 USB ports. All the other models of PS3s do not play PS2 games, and they all have 2 USB ports (the easy way to know if a PS3 is backward compatible).

    All PS3s can play limited PS1 games. If you want to play PS2 games, you will need to purchase a PS2.

    Any GB PS3 is fine, as they all work the same, and can have the HDD easily upgraded without voiding the warranty.

    If you really want a backward compatible PS3, you can still buy a new 60GB version (which is considered the best PS3 ever made – [url is not allowed]. ), but you are going to currently pay $1150 for it. Doesn’t buying a separate $100 PS2 sound a lot cheaper now?

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