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WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007 Xbox 360 Gameplay (THQ 2006) (HD)


WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007 Xbox 360 Gameplay (THQ 2006) (HD)


  1. The only reason I don't like this game because thq never released this game on ps3 and because they mistyped Edge's wristbands for ps2 and psp and because they were so many things wrong with the PSP version of SVR 2007 like for example no raw or smackdown intro in the beginning of the game.

  2. I remember being like 9 and my parents saying they weren't gonna get me the game for Christmas cause it was like violent etc…. last thing i got on Christmas was this game , could have cried with joy… amazing amazing game as well.

  3. I still have SVR 07 on my 360 simply because that game was released right around the time I stopped watching wrestling; not because of any particular reason other than the fact that my priorities shifted. The game is a perfect freeze in time for me with the storylines ^^ The only thing I hate are those m!/#%&ยค!"/(#("!ucking load screens!! .. leaving a match=loadscreen, entering a match=loadscreen, entering sub-menus=loadscreen, backing out of sub-menus=loadscreen… it was enough to drive you crazy, I have never experienced anything like it; hearing songs like "Bullet with a name on it" consistently over a gazillion times watered down the experience significantly.

  4. The first WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW game to be released on a non-Sony console. The Previous 7 installments are PlayStation exclusives.

  5. Holy shit the graphics are incredible for being a game that was created 10 years ago and I still remember that in SVR 2007 you can toss people out of the ring with a powerbomb, chokeslam or a move that launches the opponent, they should make toss people with moves out of the ring in 2k18 too lmao

  6. You see…. this is why WWE 2K can suck it. I have not played a single 2K wrestling game and I don't I will ever because just look at how great this game looked at the time. Certainly and obviously better than any of the current WWE games.

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