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Xbox 360 reliability?


Guys, I have come to hate the xbox 360 a bit. I live a normal life and after work i like to unwind and play the 360. Unfortunately MS has a problem with tht. Basically is there anyone out there who has had their 360 and never had to have it serviced. If so please state and also around about how long youve had it
AND when i call customer services they hav the nerve to give me someone with an unbeleivably undescribable accent so tht i wont understand anything I mean y send out a faulty product. I just got mine serviced and it got red lights again
Update 2:
Thnks guys keep them comin I might hav to save up for an elite!!

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  1. hey bro most deff get an elite.they are amazing. after hours of play i touch the back of my xbox and it isnt even hot.unlike my other xbox 360 PRo that overheated and red ringed

  2. My Xbox 360 has been running smoothly since I got it about a year and a half ago.

    The ones that typically have problems are the older model 360s, the ones without HDMI namely. The newer models have better solder on the joints and improved heatsinks, so they are less susceptible to overheating.

  3. Ive had mine for about two and a half years and my little brother has had his own for a year and a half and we have had no problems.

    I also know many people who own xboxes and have had few problems with theirs. The only real problem Ive heard of and seen is the Red Ring of Death which is a one time fix. If you spend the money you can buy an Xbox 360 Elite and never have to worry about the Red Ring of Death

  4. Had mine for about a year and a bit and haven’t had a problem with it

    mines the xbox 360 premium

  5. ive had to send my xbox in about 4 times since I got it in 2006. And my brother had a launch date console which lasted about 3 years so really all consoles have the same chance of hardware problems so I would suggest not buying the elite because it is no more less likely to fail. Trust me. Unless you want the elites upgrades like memory I would just keep sending it into microsoft to get it repaired and save your money. Whenever I send mine in they also send me back 1 month of live so its worth it.

    Also constant care of your 360 is imperative. Things like making sure it’s in a cool open space and dusting are important for the life of it.

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