xbox 360 saints row games – i do not get the ending...

xbox 360 saints row games – i do not get the ending of saints row 1?


ok so i killed off all the gang members

done all the hitman missons

but then after u get invoved with the cops

you get killed on a boat talking to a cop that was going to kill u

but i think it was guiles and the gang seting me up

has anyone played row 2 im verry comfused cz

it didnt save any of my data its a out of it ending

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  1. Your right.

    It was Julius who set you up and attempted to kill you. In saints row 2, you escape from prison to rebuild the saints. Also, theirs a optional mission where you have to escape with Julius out of a church but you kill him after the mission. If you play the 360 version, theirs an achievement for doing that mission.

  2. yeah it was a set up on saints row you continue with the game and you escape out of jail and stuff

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