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Xbox One Vs PS4! Which is the Best Console?


Xbox One Vs PS4! Which is the Best Console?


  1. if we were smart and efficient like the Germans then we would all agree that the xbox is better

  2. You people don't argue about which console is better, cause everyone has different opinions and thoughts.

  3. although I prefer the menu and general features of xbox one, the last of us and uncharted series are some of my favorite games of all time ps4 exclusives are way better

  4. IN MY OPINION forza sucks ass compared to Need 4 Speed, the GREATEST, and most BOUGHT racing game of the decade.

  5. Xbox always gets crowned for having the "best controller" I do prefer the controller really only for shooting, or Driving games which seem to be a majority of the Microsoft fan base favorites anyways. I feel like the PS4 controller is better rounded for every genre. It's the all terrain controller. And not to mention I hate the fact that Xbox still doesn't give you a rechargeable controller, even with the One S update. My PS4 controller battery lasts a decent amount of time. Definitely superior to AA's. Which the gameboy used 20 years ago lol

  6. Although the PS4 is king in almost every department, especially games. XBOX has done a magnificent job with the Xbox One S re-design. It looks way cooler than the PS4. And they have Colored consoles which is admittedly the only reason I decided to buy an Xbox One S, that GameStop Exclusive Teal, and well…Rare Replay….Still baffled as to why Sony won't release some console colors. Also Backwards compatibility was a genius move by Xbox. With so many good games to play from last Generation too, I wish Sony would follow. But I feel that the only reason Xbox even made that move is because they are being slaughtered in the Games department. Gears, and Halo although good games. Feel more like Call of Duty remakes. Meaning they aren't pushing the Franchises to evolve, they're just releasing kind of the same ol to get a quick buck without risking to reinvent the franchises. Did I mention the Xbox One interface is terrible? Lol

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