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Yakuza Ishin – PS3 vs PS4 (Comparison)


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Yakuza Ishin - PS3 vs PS4 (Comparison)


  1. this should have been a PS4 exclusive just like Kenzan that way they could have done way more with the game than make it look prettier. Hopefully the next one will be am 8th gen only title, hope they show some of it at TGS

  2. in ryu ga gotoku ishin my blue meter that fills doesnt fill up anymore can anyone tell me what the problem is

  3. Hey guys, I am wondering if anybody has imported Yakuza Ishin and is it easy to play even without the language barrier?

  4. Besides the obvious higher resolutions on the PS4 and a few more people occupying the city I see no other real huge differences and that's a shame…

  5. Just got finished playing the demo on PS3 and all I can say is wow! This game looks and feels very good. I ordered this game on PS4 but after playing the PS3 version of the game I can honestly say that for all those PS3 owners out there that have the means to get this game, DO NOT HESITATE! This game is going to be as good if not far better then Kenzan. Just from a technical perspective there is a lot going on. Can't wait to play the full game.

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