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You Don’t Know Jack Video Review (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)


You Don't Know Jack Video Review (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

You Don’t Know Jack Episode 1 – Supreme Court Children’s Vitamins – Answers & Achievements/Trophies

Video includes all the correct answers, “Wrong Answer of the Game” (Question 8) DisOrDat, and Jack Attack.

Achievements/Trophies include:

My First Time
Smelt the Roses
Button Banger
DisOrDat Participation Award
DisorDat Destroyer
Jack Attack Dog
Taking It from Behind
Vidiot Savant
Genius for a Day
It’s Just More of This

Total of 255G/ 6 Bronze, 5 Silver

You Don't Know Jack Episode 1 Answers - Supreme Court Children's Vitamins with Achievements/Trophies


  1. 4 / 5 stars for multiplayer component even though it is so utterly stupid that you can not select it to take random question from each episode? C'moon.

  2. It sucks this game is locked for the US, and yet, not available anywhere else. Thanks Xbox…

  3. i bought a 2tb hdd from fyygame . com and got 400+ ps3 games for 360 bucks and they game me a huge ass list to choose from…. i got this thinkng it was lame but it very fun

  4. @Sudgy Aww, Im guessing you got the Xbox version then. If only the PS3 could be region free without hacking it…

  5. @FarfetchdForDinner I just got frustrated because it probably wont so I decided to import it from America.

  6. Can anybody clarify the line at the beginning, because I think I'm hearing something different than what's actually being said.

  7. thank you for not talking over the entire game like those other two unfunny stupid cunts the Game Grumps

  8. How many cumfaggots came here because they couldn't hear the game over the Grumps and wanted to know what the narrator was saying?

  9. it relates to the wrong answer of the day. in this case, it was SUPREME court vitamins, and he answered super SUPREME pizza (the capitalization pointing out how it relates)

  10. Does anyone know the episode where they run out of questions and Cookie and his producer have to make stuff up as they go along? Everything is kind of sloppy and the producer just barely finishes the Jack Attack. I want to show this one to my friends but I haven't got a clue where in the game it is.

  11. Nothing keeps children healthy and happy like John Roberts, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Samuel Alito. 🙂

  12. Player 2 you've been s– ARE YOU KIDDING?? You try that many, and Uranus will never be the same again!

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