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Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed REVIEW | GameGazm TV


Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed REVIEW | GameGazm TV

Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed Review {English, Full 1080p HD}


  1. A game with a lot of potential yet shit graphics and shit cameras. The combat on the PC is pretty much awful and takes then fun from the game away since everything is so slow and crancy on the Steam version. Still a "must play" for anyone into anime, manga, or even figure collectors (some real stores and brands are portrayed in the game) which is really nice.

  2. This seems like one of those games you'd hide away and make sure no one knew you played it… but it still seems quite interesting.

  3. Is this game fun even if you're not… You know… Into ladies? :p I like the environment, and the fighting looks kinda fun minus the fanservice lol >_<

  4. If there's free roam this seems like the perfect game for me…I've always looked hard for games that kind of let you free roam in a bright anime city setting but could never find them(if anyone knows of any please suggest lmao)

  5. chinese cartoons are weird
    if I want hack'n'slay gameplay I play something with story and gameplay that gets me from the first second, If I want hentai or porn I watch hentai or porn. what should I do with half boners from stereotypic characters that I don't care about.. and a halfhearted gameplay?

  6. Not too bad. I took a shot at reviewing this as well, but we definitely focused on different aspects I think.

  7. so it's like the yakuza games but with stripping. is it replayable? I heard it's a short game

  8. nanashi..normal guy….what otakus not normal what kind a normal person would goto job interwiew for figurines

  9. There is Steam version too. Now with Winter Sale for lower price.
    But PC version is akward because game is designed for gamepad. Better use gamepad than keyboard/mouse. Even you can choose antoher and better keys on keyboard….

    Just started with PC version, the default keyboard keys are not good. Must change it to match your game feel with keyboard.

  10. i hate to say it but you said akabara instead of akihabara at around 2:50 the pronounciation was right ass you said but you pronounced the wrong word

  11. Sorry to say this, but after watching your review, I can say with complete confidence that this Game looks Dumb!

  12. Not a bad job guys. I took my own shot at reviewing this, but I think you definitely done it better. Though our view points might differ a little bit.

  13. Instead of saying "sorry if I butchered the pronunciation" why don't you just check beforehand the fucking pronunciation!? "Akhabahara" wtf dude?

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