Are these videogames good choices to buy?

Are these videogames good choices to buy?


my wishlist xbox 360

x men origins wolverine

alan wake

batman arkham asaylum

brutal legend

svr 2008

svr 2011

fn champions

tna impact

guitar hero world tour

dark sector

call of duty 2

call of duty mod warfare 2

call of duty mod warfare 4

reccomend me som games

i already hav burnout pardise and fifa 11

i like to study my games be4 i buy them

and so far i am having a great time with fifa and burnout

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  1. Alan Wake and Batman Arkham Asylum are both awesome Guitar Hero is cool like the first few weeks but then it becomes incredibly boring and repetitive I don’t play much CoD but everybody seems to like them so I would say they were probably good choices as for the rest I don’t know I haven’t played them for recommendations Red Dead Redemption is a pretty awesome game as is Borderlands though I would only recommend it if you have Xbox Live

  2. Here are my thoughts:

    Xmen origins i wouldnt bother

    Alan Wake is a must have

    Batman is alright.

    Brutal Legend is retarded

    Never heard of SVR or FN champions

    Guitar Hero is pretty cool but it gets to that point where its all great but the next month you are so bored with it.

    Dark sector is crazy so no

    And call of duty is good. So yes get all 3 of them.

    Also get Halo Reach, Call of Duty Black Ops, and Battlefield Bad Company 2.

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