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Assassins Creed Unity – Why It Was ”Impossible” For PS3 & Xbox 360 & More Info! (AC Unity)


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Assassins Creed Unity - Why It Was ''Impossible'' For PS3 & Xbox 360 & More Info! (AC Unity)

assassin creed unity for xbox 360

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  1. BS all around ps3 can and would handle the game the thing is thou they make there money off of making you buy new system so they can then charge you to play online and and then charge you for the new 60 dollar games, it's all one big money grab.

  2. oh so new gens get all the love then the old gens mmmaaaannnnn its still 2016 why do it in 2020

  3. first thing u need will be a xbox 1 emulator and put it in the root of ur HDD and the second thing would be ac unity iso folders in its disc if u get them just search on google how to run xbox1 games on xbox 360 u will get download file for emulator and a full tutorial for newbies

  4. i played ac unity on a jtagged xbox 360 using xbox1 emulator it sometimes lags but its fine nothing noticable that game with some modifications can be build for last gen consoles

  5. I think it's stupid because if you you want to try a new assassins creed game you would have to buy a holl new system same with the new witcher game

  6. You said that last gen consoles can't handle the big map of ac unity you bitch . why last gen consoles can handle gta 5 you fucking idiots . Gta 5 map is bigger than ac unity map . Mother fuckers

  7. this sucks there must be a way to play it in last gen counsels ubisoft thingk about it what will happen to the fans of assassins creed

  8. where did you get assassins creed unity for xbox 360 i cant seem to find where to get
    it for myself

  9. For fuck sake assassin creed has always been on Xbox 360 Xbox one
    fuck you.you took over Xbox 360

  10. I don't by this fucking shit I was searching for hours and hours and I couldn't find this game for 360 and I was trying to get a xbox one for $100

  11. Yo fuck this shit I was watching the xbox one trailerbon my xbox 360? FUCK THE CREATORS DYING LIGHT HAS STOPPED CREATING ON XBOX 360 NOW THIS GAME? Sick bastards.

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