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Black Friday 2016: The Best Deals on PS4 and Xbox One from Amazon and More


Chris and Andrew discuss the best Black Friday sales for PS4 and Xbox One console bundles and games from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and more. For details on where to get the best Black Friday deals and when stores open, check out our full coverage here:

• PS4 Black Friday Deals: https://www.primagames.com/tips/best-ps4-black-friday-sales

• Xbox One Black Friday Deals: https://www.primagames.com/tips/best-xbox-black-friday-deals

• Buy the Super Mario Edition 3DS

• Xbox One Holiday Gift Guide: https://www.primagames.com/coverage/xbox-one-holiday-gift-guide-2016

• When Do Stores Open on Black Friday? https://www.primagames.com/tips/black-friday-store-hours-thanksgiving-store-hours-what-time-does-walmart-best-buy-target-open

• Best Buy Black Friday 2016: PS4, Xbox One, and video game deals: https://www.primagames.com/tips/best-buy-ps4-xbox-one-black-friday-2016-deals-sales

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Black Friday 2016: The Best Deals on PS4 and Xbox One from Amazon and More

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  1. Hey I need help I really like Xbox and im considering buying the xbox one s but the problem is that all my friends are on ps4 and I dont know what to go for what should I buy??

  2. I think someone mentioned that it's Nathan Drake Collection, NOT Uncharted 4, that is $15. Must have been a misprint online. My mistake! STILL… if you want Nathan Drake Collection that is a good price.

  3. Great video. Just want to add but 2 used games get 3rd free at GameStop. And what's this bring an extra cell battery. Huh? Why? OH that's right android phones stay charged for about 3 hrs see I had an iPhone since it's release and we don't deal with batt. issues. Like no fanboy shit apples battery has been great and had only improved , I like google they are secure , they have Lon in on a lot of sites and apps so I bought a google phone . I had I 2 weeks cause of the battery and one of the weeks I was waiting for my new phone ….anywho great tips for today. Prime is an exelent top notch site. ..and lastly for me 2k17 and battlefield will be my Best Buy pick ups.
    -re. GameStop buy any 2 used games gt 3rd game free…"HAPPY TURKEY DAY

  4. Hey just to let u know Walmart has an amazing deal. A 1 tb xbox one s gears of War edition white, your choice of 1 of 6 games, 1 of 6 Blue rays and an extra controller for $320.. I think that's a steal. just ordered mine.

  5. Also… we forgot to discuss the Super Mario Edition black and white 3DS systems coming out on Black Friday, at $99 each. They look awesome and I hope I can find at least one of those.

  6. Bloodborne for $14.99! If I didn't own that game already, I would buy it on Black Friday. Incredible game, amazing price.

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