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The PS4’s UK PSN store has gone live, revealing some less than optimal game prices for those of us in England and the rest of the EU.

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Playstation 4 News - UK PS4 PSN Store Now Live - Game Prices Very High - BF 4 Is £62.99

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  1. i have an indian account and made some couple game purchases with some less wallet amount remaining in it.

    And now i have created a fake US psn account. if i purchase US psn gift/prepaid cards, and redeem them on my US fake account will i be able to carry forward those purchases of some cool games, even after activating my main indian account as primary and evem after removing my fake US account.

    & now all i have is my original indian account Only in my ps4 which is also activated as primary ps4 and now there is not any US account. And keep it, that i have bought COD:BO3 Digital Deluxe from that removed account,

    & the question is will i be able to play them now on my indian activated account on my ps4, which is primary.

  2. Thanks for uploading this dude. I just have a couple of questions. Seems like all the cards for PS store I can buy on amazon needs to be delivered by mail. Can I just recieve them by e-mail somehow? Do you think using paypal would be safer than just using my credit card to buy from the US PS store?

  3. When I try to link my psn acc to that web it shows that chrome cant find that website. I try to do that with my phone, or link only works with pc?

  4. What are amazon's ps cards? And thanks for the vid, I really needed it. Barely any deals for us here in Argentina

  5. what if i tell u guys that gta5 costs 60$ in India in India well i don't about other countries but it's a lot high in asia

  6. Is it still safe to do it ? I just bought a Playstation 4 and I can't allow myself to buy at the amount that my local store sells for ….

  7. If I live in Canada, and I buy games with a canadian credit card, wont i be charged the full amount in canadian dollars,?

  8. We need to make astand on game prices.. Other wise there gonna fuck us over.. Remember people they need us more..

  9. not fucking fair I pre ordered ps4 and I got pushed to Wednesday why???? really fuck you sony you motherfuckers why do I have to wait till Wednesday

  10. I don't understand what the big deal is? If the digital downloads are more expensive on PSN then what they are for a hard copy disc then just don't purchase it on PSN. It's much better to purchase it on disc as you will keep the second hand game trade going and have some resale value on the item you've just bought. All the people buying from PSN are going to kill this option we the consumers have to buy our games this way. Buy your own hard copy their only pushing digital downloads to make profit for themselves and kill any competition… It's simple really :/

  11. Nba live at £63 what a piss take and angry birds is like £32 , I would only download if games were around £10 cheaper than retail.

  12. i personally think that they will be changed but this is the euro cost as in Ireland it cost 69.99 for cod ghosts in gamstop

  13. I don't get it, they don't have to pay for packaging or shipping on digital copies , so their charging us nearly twice as much for half the work, and half the product(no box). I will never pay this for a digital game, but just the fact that they put the games on there for this much pisses me off. And LOL at the guy beneath me, £60 IS around $100. If not a little more. Guys just assume that $100 is more than £60, you look like fools lol 

  14. yeah like the aussie said i'm from nz and 63 pounds is roughly $125 nzd which is kind of high for psn but they released the last cod at 140 so…(physical and digital)
    on a side note I've been paying over $100 for games since ps2 especially if u use ebgames (subsidiary of games stop). You have to wait for a store special or use steam to get under the 100 mark generally here.

  15. Black flag for X1 is $100.20 AU on the Xbox store and i can get it on disc retail for $79. Makes it hard as i want to go all digital as i have no need for discs. Wish i could still buy discs and turn them into digital like was originally planned. Bf4 was $99 digital which i bought. Ryse is $79. Its all over the place.

  16. How doesn this compare to prices for the same games over Xbox Live?? Are they just as expensive, more expensive or less expensive?? Are they the equivalent to the US version in price or what you would get in UK stores??

  17. call of duty is about $100 for Australians and $60 for US and $60 US is $66 AUS.. and we arent even paying for postage or anything because it digital.. so toughen up ahah

  18. Just thought I'd let you know RGT that where I have bought few games digitally on PSN everyone is available to activate on 2 consoles either a vita an PS3 if it was an indie title or two separate PS3's I been buying all major titles with friends or family digitally an share cost so if it's same here for PS4 a £60 battlefield will be £30 for each person which will be a huge saving

  19. So much for digital downloads lowering prices top games on steam have been getting higher the last couples of years.

  20. Lol you call that price is high?? Haha bro why don't you come to australia? All bloody games are $99.95! And some games like. GTA5 on ps3 is like $105.95 lol

  21. in the place I live (Netherlands) cod ghost costs €70 on ps3 right now. That's about 58,4 pounds. Prizes on pan have been this high for a long time. So 60 pounds wouldn't be that crazy if you think about it. I don't think anyone is going to pay €70 for a digital game if you can get it way cheaper in a store though.

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