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Dead Island Definitive Edition Review


Dead Island Definitive Edition comes to PS4 and Xbox One – the game that notoriously failed to live up to its marketing (remember THAT trailer?) gets a lick of paint and a new verdict from Tom and Burns. Click here to subscribe: http://bit.ly/1sr8VqL

Are open worlds your thing? We reviewed the enormous new DLC for The Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine! It’s a world away from Dead Island but there’s plenty of undead to fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11B1_Ol7hV4&list=PL18174385EAF65AD2&index=3

We’ve also reviewed Blizzard’s sensational new hero shooter, Overwatch, which has nothing to do with open worlds or zombies but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlGxJoZ9WdM&list=PL18174385EAF65AD2&index=2

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Dead Island Definitive Edition Review



  1. Always played this on 360 with friends we all somehow managed to get modded weapons and duplicated them for each other and all the glitches it had made it so much damn fun for us I loved it

  2. They messed up the game balance in the new version. Repairing weapons is way to expensive now and still a weapon gets 100% damaged after only a few kills. It was a nice hack and slash game. Now you are running way from zombies, because all your weapons are damaged constantly and not enough money to repair them all the time.

  3. it was awful on console originally.

    always play games on a good PC to get the best experience.

    just google console tech specs vs pc……

    even new/next gen consoles have graphics performance of a 2 – 3 year old PC GPU card.

  4. Were the hell is dead island riptide fuckin asshole's you leave out dead island riptide on ps4 makes no fuckin sence skum bag mutha fuckers game company

  5. Same here. Played about an hour on the original and never looked back. With the definitive version, im already over 30 hours and having a ton of fun!!!

  6. dead island  was terrible the first time I played it, it was better when u had friends , riptide was epid I loved it I'm excited for dead island 2

  7. 2:20
    funny thing is that Syfy has a zombie show (Z-Nation)
    it's low budget and cheesy but it's entertaining as hell, season two was literally them going across the country, more eventful than the past few seasons of twd lmao

  8. had this on ps3 and got it cheap on steam a while ago alwats wanted to complete it so i got that cheap steam upgrade for definitive edition playing through with trainer :]

  9. I bought it because I loved the online aspect more than anything else.
    I still really enjoy these games despite the mixed reception they got.

  10. I own both dead island and riptide on PS3 and put a huge amount of time into both. I played them both to death. When I heard about this I was expecting it to have slightly, and I stress slightly, improved graphics and just all the dlc. I got into the game and was blown away at how amazing it looked! I was seriously impressed! And of course the main reason for me getting sucked back into this game is the nostalgia(first thing I tried to do was see if the weapon dupe glitch worked lol). Also…any I love Dead Island, but Dying Light is vastly superior in my opinion, and thats what I had been playing for a long time seeing as Dead Island was forgotten on the old consoles. Anyway, when I got into Dead Island and start fighting zombies on this definitive edition, I completely forgot how basic the combat is. Kick, Swing and throw. No charge up melee hits, power swings, or even blocking. Dying Lights combat just spoiled me and I expected the power swing to be in Dead Island ….just wierd how that occured.

  11. why is not coming out ?? or at least smthnk like this or dying light wonna a new game like those

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