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Do I need a new xbox?


Hi guys when I bought my xbox 360 it was used, it worked fine and I played lots of disc games on it until last night. I tried playing GTA V but it got about halfway the through the opening clip thing then said “Disc Unreadable” so I cleaned it off a bunch then put it in again. It still didn’t work so I put in advanced warfare and it worked fine. Today GTA still didn’t work and I was playing some hard drive games. I went to go play Advanced Warfare and it worked for a little bit then said “Disc Unreadable” and when I took it out it had a giant half circular scratch on it. So I found the hard way that my xbox was scratching my discs. Do I need a new Xbox? Will they give me one for free in exchange? Also when I open the disc tray it makes an awful squeaking noise, it’s been doing this since I got the xbox and I’ve had it for almost a year. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Okay, your lazer burning your discs. I have the same problem. How and where is your Xbox placed? It needs to be on a perfectly flat surface and never move it with a game in. If you haven’t, i would recommend laying it down on it’s side (that helped for me). You wont get one for free, they will pretty much just say what i have.

    If you want to play the games again, borrow a friends disk and ‘save to drive’. It will give you some sort of way to save the games to the hard drive, ‘x’ i think. Save all of your games to the hard drive and if it can recognize them slightly, it will play. This helped me allot as my Xbox lazer burnt most of my games.

    As for the disk tray, it’s probably just old and wore out. Should be fine and not effect the system.

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