Home Playstation Forum Does any care about the welcome back package?

Does any care about the welcome back package?


I sure as hell don’t. Who the hell cares about 30 free days of ps+ or the music thingy? Let me explain 2 things

1. The ps+ package is just another way to get our money. I don’t see it being any different from direct tv’s 3 free months of HBO. They will give us a free month but if u don’t cancel within that time frame they will continue to bill you for the subscription. Anyway it’s $5 a month.is that really doing us justice for the long wait?

2. The music player is useless when I can download my own music to ps3 for free.WTF would I pay for it?

Sorry for being long winded

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  1. I think the welcome back pack thing is pretty effin useless. But I’m glad as hell I’m at least getting something for waiting weeks to play online on a PS3 I paid 100’s for.

  2. Sony has said that the package on offer is just a basic package, and there will be more to come- especially for ppl who have lost actual cash because they’ve been denied access to subscription games like DC Universe online.

    Even so, I think it’s a pretty poor offer, purely because if I had wanted PS Plus I would have subscribed to it in the first place. Also, the guy who made the point about Sony plugging it’s own products is right; basically, giving ever non- PS Plus subscriber a free month of PS Plus gives the service maximum exposure for minimal outlay.

    Cold, hard credit would be better.

  3. In all honesty there not doing that great of a job. If my memory is good this Wednesday will be 3 weeks with no online. Than the welcome back program is kinda dumb i am sure they will give us stuff we dont care for. And to give everyone plus free for 30 days is ridiculous. Its not fair to the people who got plus to than give it away for free to temp people into signing up for the service.

  4. Well it doesn’t make up for those who may have had their CC information stolen! I think a year subscription to Plus would have been sufficient along with help regarding credit monitoring which I believe they’re offering but it’s taken so long!

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