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Does the xbox 360 Elite have problems?


I am thinking about getting one however with the whole rrod I am not sure if its worth getting. I hear all the stories and my brother’s xbox the white one has died like twice. With the black one is there that same problem?

I hear it freezes by reading reviews and problems about the system whats up with that?
Update 2:
I know you have to pay for the Gold Membership, is that every month or can you pay for an annual fee? I have no intention of getting anything that doesn’t have wifi the cost of playing online is a bummer I have a PS3 and its free but the game selection is not as great so. its lose lose situation.

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  1. Yea I sold my original white xbox last year and got the elite. It is yet to give me even slight problems. If you can just get the newest xbox when that comes out I highly suggest that since it has built in wifi it sounds much better than elite.

  2. the elite doesn’t have any problems it has a built in fan and it downloads faster, if you buy one get the new one it can last 4 days on all night and built in connection, also Gold Membership you get a free month and also you can buy a 3 month gold card for 19.99 and a year for 50 i usually buy 3 months and you can get netflix and last.fm with your xbox and zune with is cool.

  3. i dont really have an answer for you, but im interested to see what people say. My white one finally died, but it lasted me an extremely long time like my brother got it when it first came out, but it just recently died this past year.


    this is so sad but after I answered this question I went in to my room and messed with my xbox and it started working again.wow what were the chances of that after a year

  4. If your going to get a new system you really should just go with the new Xbox 360 slim. It has the built in wifi and just about every problem from the original system has been solved. The only time it might freeze or overheat is likely due to user error such as putting it in a small box or on a heater. I actually made the switch over to the new console when it launched and I love it. I also have both the 360s and the PS3.

    As for the gold membership you can pay annually if you want. Thats what I do. Its $50 for the year.

  5. black elite is far better than da white 1 but its still possible to get rrod cos it happened to me. i suggest u get da new 360 which was released this year.

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