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Game for Fame: Beach Buggy Blitz [CONTEST]


Game for Fame: Beach Buggy Blitz [CONTEST]

GH2 ISO Preview + TDWDTG Pass

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  1. So yeah you wouldn't know it from playing right off the bat but if you make it far enough (which you will if your really good or through power ups) it will open new tracks. I like the dynamically changing maps but that's my opinion.

  2. GH2/80s trackspeed is stored in config/gen/track_graphics.dtb if I remember correctly. The values are floats representing a multiplier based on E/M trackspeed. 1.4x is H/X, and hyperspeed is 1.5x the value set. I've ran it down as low as 0.1x and as high as 12x.

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