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Gears of War 4 Review


Gears of War 4 Review


  1. six hours fighting robots, three hours fighting reskinned Locust wannabes, painfully obvious cliffhanger ending.

  2. this game blows. the characters are so corny. online is laggy trash with the worst gnasher consistency in gears history

  3. Why do ps4 players watch Xbox title reviews then bash it?! Like I think Xbox is better so I don't watch ps4 videos. Such a troll environment

  4. Wouldn't it be awesome if gears of war and halo were connected somehow like gears of war took place before halo

  5. All I see in the comments are loads of Xbox players complaining about all the PS4 players complaining about Xbox in the comments. I don't actually see any PS4 players complaining about Xbox though…

  6. i give this game 4/10.
    Found it boring and repetive with garbage assault rifles.
    Pointless and rubbish and un-needed distracting reload mechanic.

  7. This game was one of the least enthralling action games I've ever played. A good portion of the single player was side tracking to rescue Marcus with three character's that were barely given any exposition. This game was the definition of mediocre.

  8. WTF… 9.2?Seriously?Gears of war 3 is better than this, the campaign of gears of war 4 is so fast and boring.

  9. i never played the entire series but i just bought GoW 4 when it was on sale, do i need to play the previous series or can i just start with 4 directly?

  10. Uncharted & Gears of war 4 are both very similar to me.They are excellent games that have 0 revolutionary factors which their original counter parts had.

  11. I'm really enjoying the new weapons and gameplay I got ultimate edition as well but I like gears 4

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