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Gta 4 ps3 problems please help!?


So i have the complete edition of gta 4 with the original game and the ad dons The Balled of Gay Tony and The Lost and the Damned. So i would always play tbogt and it worked fine. so today i played it again and i went to pause it and it froze. so i waited then i went outside. none of the sounds work like voices car engines radios but the outside sound did and the horns weapons crashes etc. i cant start missions either or a new game. Iv deleted it re downloaded it now i cant get past the starting new game menu! Gta 4 and tlatd work fine! please help me i love this game! also i have a ps3 with the 150 gb.

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  1. Check your disc for scratches.Also,clean it even if you don’t see any scratches.If the problem persists,try the reinstall a couple more time,or call Sony.Or contact rockstar games.idk,I’ve never heard of that problem.

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