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Guitar Hero World Tour PS3 guitars?


Okay so I have the game Guitar Hero World Tour for PS3. I have recently bought 2 Nyko wireless guitars. Now the controllers, like the ones with x, o, a square, a triangle, and the analog sticks connect automatically to the game console without have to plug in a receiver into the USB. Now with the guitars I have to connect a receiver into the USB. These two guitars take up the only two USBs so then I can’t plug in the drums, which also have a receiver. I now want to buy a microphone for the game but this too has a receiver. Now that’s four receivers in total with only two spots to plug them in. Are there instruments that don’t have receivers and connect automatically with the console without a receiver? or How do I connect all four Instruments into the two USBs?


  1. I believe they sell something that lets you plug more usb’s into the playstation. But there are guitars drums and stuff that do not need a receiver but theyre annoying setting up anytime you want to play so pick 1.Theres nothing else that i know of

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