Hand of Fate 2 gameplay – fighting The Empress

Hand of Fate 2 gameplay – fighting The Empress


Hand of Fate 2 gameplay - fighting The Empress


  1. I really liked the original, the only thing that was off was the combat. This looks very nice indeed.

  2. what's up with the health meter. I like the older version where it showed the cards seems more part of a whole

  3. so i can geust the story the char we played in hand of fate 1 becomes the big bad in this game after i misusing the dealers powers for his own and the new charactor is trained to restore the dealers deck to him and kill the the char from hand of fate one

  4. Looks promising to me. It looks like the devs are taking more inspiration from the Tarot deck if I'm reading the stage select screen correctly.

    The addition of a companion to assist in fights is interesting and there appear to be more ways to resolve the combat encounters then simply killing everyone else. I also like that the main character's equipment influences stats more than it did in the original game. That hammer's speed penalty was significant, and the changes to stats will make building your character more interesting. That Empress fight could get pretty tough if you get some unlucky cards on the way there. .

    I'm not sure what to think about the new dice and roulette mechanics, but I'd like to give them a try myself before making any decisions.

    The only glaring problem I can see is the occasional frame where the entire screen goes red. This might be a part of an overarching game mechanic, but at this point I'm leaning toward it being a bug they haven't ironed out yet.

    Will definitely be keeping this one on my watch list.

  5. My biggest problem is with how slow the combat is, and how delayed her attacks are compared to the first adventurer from hand of fate 1. She has these huge godamn delays on each regular fast attack.

  6. Holy shit you people work for a PC gaming magazine can you at least learn how to play games please

  7. Dude I don't know who's playing but they should stick to writing shitty articles on your shitty website.

  8. Still no character creation? Literally the most requested feature from the first game and they fucked it up again. Bravo.

  9. I feel like the combat would be helped a lot by just speeding it up and making it more like a traditional brawler. I think it looks so janky to me because everything moving so damn slowly.

  10. Not big fan of Batman fighting style, I got bored of Hands of Fate 1 really fast. But at least in Batman there is interesting exploration and story, you don't have that in Hands of Fate. And I didn't liked combat in Batman aswell, you just mash same few buttons and enemies don't attack you all at same time for some reason, which is probably why it's too easy.

    And difficulty curve was too slow. 90% of the game are almost zero challenge, and then rest 10% is finally become hard.

    Games like FTL and Darkest Dungeon are much better and more interesting. Hands of Fate, I really don't see appeal. I will be interested if instead of short arena battles they will make bigger 3d worlds, with some exploration here too.

    Overrated game, in my opinion.

  11. The environment during the combat sequence looks sooooo much better than the first game! Well done!

  12. Hand of Fate 1 was a good game with its combination of cards, events and action rolleplaying game. This one seems to be more hand of fate basicly with alot of the main features carried over to the new game. I dont know about that. In the first game the combat system could use some more flavor or something diffent than the batman arkham knight combat system – it becomes a bit of just buttom mashing.

    the new comanpions feature i like – i just hope you wil be able to level them up/give them new gear to make them stronger.
    But i will problerly enjoy the game nevertheless once its out at the start of the new year.

  13. after 3th battle, developer become play 😀 first one is my one of the favorite rogue-like. This one looks way better. I hope they would change musics.

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