Home Videos Hands-on video: The Xbox One as a media device

Hands-on video: The Xbox One as a media device


Hands-on video: The Xbox One as a media device

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  1. the biggest key why its better than ps4 is xboxone play x265 HEVC and ps4 simply does not support this so my friends who bought ps4 and use my enormous plex server dont understand how much better the quality of videos are on xbox1. original bluray quality 1080p in less than 1gb file. <3 plex on xbox1

  2. Good review, was looking for a review like this. I think if the Xbox One has this much of an issue understanding me that my dogs would be cowering in a corner thinking that they were in trouble, lol.

  3. voice control on xbox one like talking to your dog .. sometimes he understand and
    sometimes he don't .
    thank you .

  4. the only issiue I have had with voice commands is that I usually have the surround sound pretty loud and I will have to compete with the  volume levels of the stereo…so I turn down the volume before giving commands. otherwise its perfect. oh, I think Microsoft needs to increase the timeout delay where the xbox will wait for you to give second and third commands…especially for when youre surfing channels.

  5. Please Please Please. when giving an xbox one command, make sure you re not preceeding it with words like UUUM or other words not intended…" Xbox play uumm xbox??? what the hell..

  6. No offense, but I have to say user error. Even the voice command on the 360 work better then your demo.

  7. Hey great video. However would I be able to add an external Hard drive to it so that I can play my own video files, such as MKV, MP4 etc?

  8. Looks like the software can use some more polishing to make the UX more appealing. I'll hold off on purchasing this until Microsoft can make some updates to the Xbox OS. I know they rushed to push this out before the holidays, 3-4 months later I'm sure Microsoft will make huge improvements with the software.

  9. You need to speak better English and stop all of that uh Xbox uh dude it's not going to work like that..

  10. I think you have to stop saying, "Xbox, play ehh…" Just say Xbox play "title". To much hesitation bro. Anyway, good review.

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