Home Xbox Forum How do you add Microsoft PTS. on xbox?

How do you add Microsoft PTS. on xbox?


i tried looking for them and i know i’ll be needing a credit card but i cant find it

i also heard that you can download content on the computer and it can download as soon as you go back on your xbox? i can’t find that either

please help

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  1. You can go to [url is not allowed] and sign in to your Xbox Live gamertag to buy items and queue them up so that they will automatically start to download the next time you sign into your console.

    If you try to buy something and you don’t have enough points already, the console (or the website) will walk you through entering in your information to be able to add more MS Points.

  2. most shops sell microsoft points. but if u r trying to get them off the 360 then select whatever u want to get then when it recognizes u have no points it will come up with a thing which says something like

    add code or

    purchase points

    select purchase points

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