Home Xbox Forum how much is the xbox 360 elite now?

how much is the xbox 360 elite now?


i heard there is a $100 price cut but wehn i went to site it said $299.

or was it $399 before?

and will there be a price cut on the other 360 versions too? ( arcade, pro )

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  1. $299.99 because the ps3 is only 299.99 now, they are trying to compete with x-box even though they dont stand a chance. I dont know about the arcade and pro

  2. $299.99, i just bought a xbox 360 elite from costco for $389.99. and with tax and all that it ended up being $424. bought it offline

  3. well microsoft lowered the xbox 360 elite because the sony ps3 slim came out at $299. Microsoft didnt wanna be beaten by the competition so they lowered the elite’s price to 299 to match the new slim. Honestly i don’t think microsoft is going to lower the other versions like the arcade and pro because the already lowered the elite’s price. And to tell you this. there’s rumors of a ps3 200 somethin gigabytes coming out in fall of either this year or next year.

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