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How much money would I get if I sold my Xbox 360 to Gamestop?


PLEASE READ: Alright, so I have had this Xbox 360 since the christmas of 2008. It has never had any problems. Taken real good care of it and the only problem is it has a couple of sticker marks on the top of it but the console itself is in very good shape. Now, If I went to Gamestop and gave them it, how much money would I get? Or “store credit”? I don’t know exactly what store credit is but if it helps me buy something there then that is also fine. I’ve never sold anything to Game stop, as you can tell. So, if anyone could give me information on this that would be lovely.

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  1. Assuming you have the cords and 1 wireless or wired controller (they won’t take it if it does not) around 60$ give or take, less if your controller is wired.

  2. You would get 90 dollars for the original and 125 dollars for the slim. These values are for store credit and can be used towards another game at Gamestop.

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