How to mute ps3 headset?

How to mute ps3 headset?


I bought the official headset yesterday, and charged it for about 2 hours. I tested it on resistance 2 and it works fine, but when i press and or hold the mute button it doesn’t mute and the red indicator doesn’t turn on. It flashes red when i am charging it though. any thoughts?
JT: no i tried that on resistance 2 i haven’t tried on killzone 2 yet but it doesn’t do it on r2 :(
Update 2:
gunman: I bought it from ebay from hong kong return wont be easy – has this happened to anyone before i will ask my neighbour tommorow as he has this headset

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  1. if you just bought it, then bring it back to the store and exchange it. tell them the mute button doesn’t work. you have the right to return/exchange it if you think it’s defective.

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