if I Have ps3 and i wanna buy ps2 guitar hero 2...

if I Have ps3 and i wanna buy ps2 guitar hero 2 will it work on my system?


i have a ps3 and i want gh#2(guitar hero 2) but they only sell it for ps2 so will it work on my ps3

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  1. It will work on your PS3 if it’s a PS2-compatible model (i.e. NOT the current 40GB model, which doesn’t play PS2 games at all).

    Also, the PS3 doesn’t have PS2 controller ports, so you won’t be able to use the PS2 guitars unless you buy an adapter.

  2. well becuase guitar hero uses the regular ps2 controller ports and not usb you wont be able to use it in your ps3. they do make adaptors for around $20 for that if you want to buy it. i would also recommend getting the new guitar hero for ps3. unless that is too much money. well its only $20 for the adaptor so do what you want. just know that until you buy that you are stuck playing it with the ps3 controller. which isnt fun lol

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