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IGN Reviews – Peggle 2 – Review


IGN Reviews - Peggle 2 - Review


  1. I just purchased this game today with all the DLC for only $4.99 thanks to the EA sale that's only going on right now for Xbox One 🙂

  2. Anyone who says this game deserves less than 9 is insane. It's amazingly addictive and I find myself turning assignments in late and losing sleep because of this game. Absolutely incredible.

  3. Spends the full video saying its gd but iver not as gd as the first peggle or parts need work. Then bangs out a 9 wtf. My guess is the ps4 has it next week an we know how much they love microsoft so im guessing score will drop to a 5 next week

  4. Maybe you should have various categories placed for game types.
    A 9 maybe under family/kids, but still think thats a weee bit high.

  5. I WOULD be buying this, if not for the fact it's stripped down from the original version in order to pave the way for paid DLC> I'm growing tired of seeing games stripped of content just to be sold off later as DLC, and I won't be supporting any of them that incorporate such practices, regardless of how fun they are.

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