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Is the Playstation 3 a good option for Blue-ray player?


I have a Bose sound system and was thinking about a lot more expensive option, but was told that the playstation is comparable or even better than the expensive ones out there.

Any comments?


  1. ps3 is the best blue ray player right now since it can be updated via firmware. but it’s also the best gaming console out there

  2. Yes, in fact it is the ONLY Blu-Ray player on the market that is compatible with Blu-Ray 2.0 which allows for downloadable special features.

  3. Yes, it’s about the best one you can get. The reason why is it automatically is upgraded every time a new profile is released. Profile, what was it, 2.0 was included in the last firmware upgrade. It includes interactive, online features from the bd disc, and more memory also. Plus the ps3 outputs HDMI 1.3 which is still the best.

    A lot of stand-alone blu-ray players, profile 1.0, and 1.1 are gradually falling behind the curve because they can’t be upgraded.

    Your Bose speakers and receiver wouldn’t get anything better to work with from a standalone, anyway, the ps3 is fully configurable to exactly what you’re using for sound, up to dolby trueHD and dts 96/24. It is very good. Sony took a huge loss on its manufacture cost, at launch its components were costing more than twice what it was sold for.

  4. The PS3 would be a good option for Blu-Ray. The PS3 is very quiet while playing movies and the Blu-Ray functions are upgradable by Firmware Updates released by Sony.

    As a matter of fact, just a few weeks ago Sony released another Blu-Ray update for the PS3 (Blu-Ray Profile 2.0)

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