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Just Cause 3 – Review


Just Cause 3 - Review


  1. I want to love this game! But there are an array of problems for the PS4 version. Frequent drops in frame rate, freezing up to 3 times per play, long loading times, poor ai, shit story mode and repetitive Gameplay. It's become a recurring thing for this franchise. Definitely a 5/10 at best.

  2. Why would a review for a game have spoilers? Don't people usually watch them to decide if they want that game?

  3. The only reason I'm watching this review is because Just Crashed 3 to my desktop :/

  4. XL edition is marked down from $80 to $21 in PSN store. I've never played a Just Cause. Is it worth it?

  5. is it me or does the gameplay feel a little "heavy"? I mean, it plays very smoothly just the movement and weaponery feels I bit sluggish/heavy…

  6. shitty game gliched the first minute i played it and wouldnt let me move on in the story bad programing is all i have to say dont buy it save yourself the frustration by buying a different game

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