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Kingdoms of Amalur Cheats | Xploder Tips, Cheats and Saves


Kingdoms of Amalur Cheats | Xploder Tips, Cheats and Saves

Kingdoms of Amalur - Infinite Backpacks / Inventory Space!


  1. it only works on that one merchant in mel shinshir. if it wont let you go aggro, just save and reload the game, and you should be able to. aggro, kill him, pay fine, then loot his body (very important). go to your house and sleep (1 day/24 hours is enough). go back and he will be respawned with all his base gear (including a backpack). I find 200 inventory is just fine personally. great video!

  2. Question – Does this cheat only works on the merchant at Mel Senshir or on all the merchants who has the backpack?
    I asked cos I already brought the backpack from him.

  3. почему у меня не получается его убить?!… в какой последовательности нужно действовать и чем?

  4. Did this on PS3 – only allows me to do it once, then will not let me be aggressive after buying a pack the second time — so I got two. Is this an update to kill this hack?

  5. Here is a tip for people having trouble activating the agressive mode: just save and reload and it should work fine. Did for me, at least.

  6. July 7th 2014, this still works. I have all updates and every dlc.. i buy the pack, kill the poor guy, then immediately fast travel to a free bed. Sleep for five days then go back and he is there with a new pack. But i have to push up on the D pad like 15 times to let me go into aggressive mode. I play on 360

  7. It worked the first time but now it wont let me go into aggressive mode anymore, i push H and it doesnt do anything, does anyone know why this is happening?

  8. Yes it does still works , PS3 here , I already have 350 slots , but tired to kill that dude so , that's ok for now lol

  9. hey having more backpacks is always a good thing. I discovered this cheat or glitch whatever you wanna call it on my own before seeing this on youtube. its great especially when having the two other DLCs. man i have so much room.

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