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Madden NFL 25 – Raiders vs Jaguars Gameplay (Xbox 360) Full Game!


Madden 25 Gameplay featuring a full game between the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars.
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Madden NFL 25 - Raiders vs Jaguars Gameplay (Xbox 360) Full Game!


  1. GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anyone want to join a madden 25 tourney with 32 people online xbox 360? 8 spots left just reply with gamertag

  3. Oh my god these comments are stupid.  First, if you NEVER lose to the NPC, that means your playing on a difficulty level too low for you, and that's practically cheating.  Second, yes you are right about Gabbert's face, but Madden has never been very good with faces. Third, Raiders have not been truly good since Madden was their actual coach, and the Jags are a young team in a rebuilding stage after some years of bad management.  They will be back in the playoff race within the next two years.

  4. The key word is when McFadden is healthy.he's not.injured every year.he spends more time on the sideline then the coach.

  5. I understand its a lot of work to make the fans for every stadium… but could they at least be wearing black at the Raiders' home stadium? Lol

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