NHL 15 – Review

NHL 15 – Review


NHL 15 - Review


  1. I realize the game really only goes into depth with NHL teams. Anything in WHL, AHL, or the National league is in lower depth. I live in a city that has a WHL team, and i can personally tell you that it's arena is very different from the game's arena.

  2. I officially quit this game. Word that best describes this game….STUPID. Keep trying to learn so that I can beat this system on a regular basis and it won’t work. After months of playing and improving my skills, the opposition can still come out and basically just crush you. I just watched one of the opposition knock down three of my players at once, and then score.
    Designers of this game and any future programmers for NHL games, take note of the following: (1) WATCH AN ACTUAL HOCKEY GAME. When a guy is checked and knocked down, he will not have time to get back up and recover the puck before the guy who knocked him down can get to it. (2) When my players are at the blue line and they take a slap shot and the puck can’t get through, at least have the courtesy to make it the same for the opposition when they’re down in my zone. DO NOT HAVE THE SYSTEM MOVE EVERYBODY OUT OF THE WAY. (3) Most poke checks are not recovered by the opposition. Some times yes they are. But not ALL poke checks should be recovered by the opposition. (4) Even up the odds a little more. I’m not saying make it easy. I understand I have to learn the system and it will take time. But don’t allow the opposition to recover the puck behind my net every time regardless of the play. It is incredibly stupid when I have two of my players behind my net going for the puck, and every time, the opposition still comes out with the puck. This is not hockey. Again, PROGRAMMERS, WATCH AN ACTUAL HOCKEY GAME. (5) Stop having the system pass the puck in front of my net. It’s crazy how many times I’ve been a little behind and off to the side of my net and I’ve tried to pass the puck to a teammate to the right or left (depending on what side of the net I’m on.) The system will not send the puck where I want it to go. It will actually pass it in front of my net. And of course, if the opposition is there, they intercept the pass. (6) Why does my goalie pass the puck to the opposition instead of to my teammates. When I first started playing, I had so many goals scored on me because my goalie would not pass it to the player I was trying to send it to. It would actually pass it right to the opposition. WHY PROGRAM THAT INTO THE GAME? I know how to aim and pass. Yet my goalie won’t follow my directions.
    Just to be clear. I’m not some poor sport who is mad because he can’t win. I’m not losing games because I can’t learn. I have improved a great deal since I started playing. I don’t mind losing. I expect it. I just don’t like losing because the system makes me lose in stupid ways. I’m passing perfectly. The system has simply decided to not have my players receive the passes, especially the ones that are coming right at my players. That’s not a lack of skill on my part. That’s stupid or lazy programming. Or passes are now bouncing off my players sticks and going directly to the opposition.
    You want a better example of stupid programming? I’ve learned that if I’m not pass the blue line of my opposition, any slap shots I try to make to send the puck down to the other zone will not go where I’m trying to send it. The period was about to end and I’m at center ice. I decided to just slap shoot it down to the goalie. I wasn’t actually expecting to score. The system actually turned my player to the right and then shot it at the wall. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT??? It actually turned my player away before it shot. It must have taken more time to program that in, then to allow the shot to simply go straight. Again, WHAT WAS THE POINT???
    I didn’t expect to become an expert over night and I can take a loss. I just don’t like having my intelligence insulted like this, nor do I like being ripped off. EA Sports should refund anyone who bought this game (I know that won’t actually happen, just saying.) But most importantly, they should issue a big apology to the gaming world for putting out such garbage with the NHL logo attached to it.

  3. Doc the best announcer in the game? Hahahahahahha thanks for telling us it's 3 periods, not halves bud

  4. how many reviews of a sports game will the reviewer say " people walked by saying it looked like I'm watching a real game" we get it it looks realistic stop saying it every year

  5. This game is horrible beyond words. Every time I play this game, I get a little bit angrier. Nobody deserves to waste money on this game. If I would rate this game out of ten, it would be a big "f you" to EA.

  6. How does HUT (NHL) 15 get a 7.0 and MLB 15 The Show only get an 8.5? These are my two favourite sports and I can easily tell you everything from commentary to available game modes is better in MLB. It really isn't even close.

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