NHL 2K10 Review

NHL 2K10 Review


NHL 2K10 Review

NHL 2K10 Review


  1. 2k just did a new mobile hockey game now if they do a new console nhl game they got to re due the hole thingĀ 

  2. 2:35 They included in 2K10 the ability for 'star' players to be able to score while stumbling after being checked. Your average Joe can do it too but they're much less likely

  3. Wow cool im getting this for the wii is it really that much better for the wii then it is on ps3 or xbox ?

  4. (i've played both games so i have a right for opinion) 2k10 has mosre realistic goal celebrations, and i love how they have other modes like pond hockey, mini hockey etc. But thats just because its an arcade game, nhl 10 is a sim.

  5. @thebig1 wow man…i dont think youve played NHL10. NHL 10 is better in every way and form. go get it for yourself, and youll be finding yourself cursing yourself for spending 50 bucks on a gay ass game like nhl2k10

  6. nhl become more like fifa? god no, in fifa unless your a five star team you'll be playing in some shitty arena named 'square ground' or ivy lane. ea took the idea of 'generic' a little too far in my opinion.

  7. the one thing i love about this game is the authenticity of the arenas and goal horns… if nhl 10 made msg look as great as it does in this game and didnt have shitty goal horns it would be that much better… still nhl 10 is head and shoulders above 2k

  8. NHL 10 for sure, if you love hockey it is about as close to the real thing as you can get. I used to love the NHL 2K series, but I do not think they have had the better game since 07.

  9. This game is way better than NHL 10. EA has just made the same hockey game for 3 years now = it is damn unrealistic.

  10. id go with 4 out of 5, i mean its such a improvment from last year, yes in the middle when its offside or something they walk retarded look yes but atleast there are not many in game glitches as much as nhl 10

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