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Pathologic Classic HD Gameplay Part 1 – “The Plague, The Town, The Haruspex”


Pathologic Classic HD Gameplay Part 1 -


  1. Huh, so it actually somewhat makes sense now!?

    When I played the original version of this game it was literally impossible to understand what anyone was talking about. It was unplayable.

  2. That moment when the beginning is revealing, but only if you've played before. It's brief scene is the summation of the story. Or at least in one of the endings.

  3. Is it worth buying the remastered version? I've had the original sitting in my gog library for a while but havn't played it yet. Also is there going to be a part 2? 🙂

  4. You need to "show/hide hands/weapon" I think it was listed as TAB. Then you can attack. At the start of Haruspex's play through you'll want to RUN. You're no match in a fight yet. It's possible to hide in houses to get away from pursuers. At least until you can improve your reputation. You'll likely find playing as the Bachelor/Danikovsky is an easier introduction that as Haruspex. I've completed all three routes on the original version of the game so any questions holla back.

    You are going to be sooooooo fucked over the next few days. It's going to be fun watching someone else play this for the first time.

    Oh, you get the revolver once you've killed Lika.

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