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Planetside 2: [PS4] Closed Beta Gameplay Part (1) – [1080p] 60FPS!


Check out this new footage of me not knowing what I’m doing on planetside lol Also out for PC. But this is the closed beta for PS4 uers.

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Planetside 2: [PS4] Closed Beta Gameplay Part (1) - [1080p] 60FPS!

PlanetSide 2 on PS4 - Gameplay and Beta Impressions


  1. Are you recording with a dedicated capture card? Because unlike most Planetside 2 vids I've watched for the PS4, this one is in great quality considering that this is in 1080p 😀

  2. Fps Fps Fps its only know that and yes ps2 pc and ps4 is 30 fps lock haha return to your desktop XD and now you can snipe at 600m XD 300m in beta XD

  3. I dont mind 30fps -_- sucks to feel the smooth silky 60fps and then shoots down to 35-40fps on me on ps2 ps4. on pc it is the same so i locked it at 32fps, no interruptions for me on that. devs should just get it over and done with and keep the the ultra feeling graphics and lock it at 30-32fps. so it wouldnt be too much of a loss on drops.

  4. Hurr it looks like the beta's performance is pretty good. And I'm sure you figured this out yourself but Biolabs generally suck.

  5. lol this is like watching a baby take its first steps and falling flat on hes face every single time.

  6. I put all four of my email and guess what.. I log in with the 1-3 codes I get and the ps2 says thank you for participating in ps2 beta. WTF I waited a long amount of days and bam nothing

  7. I'm so pissed at ps2 I put in 7.email s and not 1 key it been 5 months if anyone can be nice Enough to give me a key it would be awesome if I get 1 see ya on the battlefield

  8. ok i just want to clarify that ps2 is not running at max settings on the ps4!!! this honestly looks like high settings not max/ultra!

  9. do you need subscription to play multiplayer on Planetside 2?
    answer plz:howcome my friends have games that i dont have on my ps store even when i search it but when my friends search it they see it……………….when my friend searched it his region is in hong kong and he sees it but when i searched it in hong kong too i didn't see it

  10. what server is it where these fuckers just stand in front of your force field and let you shoot them in the nuts!?

  11. Guys, I downloaded Planetside 2 and tried it on my ps4, but it runs really bad like 25-30 fps, its full of glitches and bugs (like sometimes I cant respawn, game freezes) and even interaction with objects-vehicles is really bad syncronized. Does this game run so bad only in my PS4? Please reply me.

  12. Got this for,free cuz of my play station plus :3 but I'm not a big fan of futuristic things

  13. Me and my mates can't find each other. We're the same faction, and server but can't locate each other

  14. BTW you can shoot though the spawn door shield if you own the base. You don't need to peek out unless you are shooting explosives. 

    Nice to see people getting into the ps4 version, good luck.

  15. Its great that you dont even need psn plus to play this game online. Playing it right now 😉

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