Playstation 3 Question.?

Playstation 3 Question.?


What games actually let you play with more than 1 person on the same PS3 console? The PS3 seems like such a loner console and i want to play with my friends using one game on the same PS3. Please let me know any games that let you play with over 1 person.

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  1. Multi player games?

    well all sports games for sure.

    resistance, call of duty 3, and others.

    [url is not allowed].

    gamefly’s list of multi player games ^

    i think they probably didnt add a few cause im sure theres more than those.

  2. im guessing u mean online and offline co op. there r very few games that do that but one game that i know for a fact has online and offline co op is HAZE. it comes out may 20 and it looks fantastic. u can play the career mode with ur friend and play online with ur friend!

  3. Many games are available so dont worry! If you like shooting games Call of Duty 4 is perfect for you. It is a great game and allows up to 4 players on the same system. Grand Theft Auto 4 is also a great game although if that is not your genre NBA 2K8 is a great sports game along with Madden 08, MLB 08 The Show, and many more other games such as the Gran Turismo series and basically all other sports games.

    Hope I helped!

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