PS3 Error Impossible to Fix (80710723)?

PS3 Error Impossible to Fix (80710723)?


I bought a PS3 TODAY. Unboxed, plugged in, internet is working, UPDATES DO NOT.

I have done a million searches and none of the fixes work.

I have a 2Wire modem/router model# 3800HGV-B

I have added the ps3 in DMZ+ mode and Disabled the Media Server Connection.

I have ATT FIOS connection


please help

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  1. On a CD or flash drive or whatever memory card you have

    create a ps3 folder in the root of your drive.

    for example:


    then in the PS3 folder create another folder called update.


    Copy the following update file within this folder then put the cd or whatever external device you have

    into it.

    Follow Directions on the screen and Good Luck.

  2. The update is just screwed up today.

    [url is not allowed]

    You can try going there and downloading the file straight from sony’s site, but it is going super slow as well. Just ran a speed test on my internet and am getting 3.56 mb/s download, but this thing is crawling along @ 90 kb/s

  3. I have the exact same setup as of today. Spoke with AT&T customer support, lowered my network security to WPA-PSK (TKIP). I opened my TCP ports 80, 443, 5223 and UDP ports 5223, 3478,3479 and 3658. Disabled the Media Server connection. Only difference is I get the error code 80710723 after a 45% download after 3 hours as opposed to 12% at 10 minutes to an hour.

    If you get it fixed please post.

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